• Interesting Magic Squares

    Earlier this year, I visited Barcelona for the first time and saw the magic square on the Sagrada Familia. Unlike a normal 4×4 magic square, this one has a magic constant of 33 and a total of 310 combinations that add up to the magic constant. I wanted to know if there were other magic squares that had even more interesting properties given similar constraints.

  • Adventures with Aurora (Part 3)

    We had successfully mitigated our database’s I/O bottleneck by batching high throughput transactions in the application layer. However, Aurora had one last trick up its sleeve. Meanwhile, an upcoming project gave us the opportunity to implement a long-term fix for our database load issues.

  • Adventures with Aurora (Part 2)

    When we left off, we had two failed attempts at resolving Aurora MySQL I/O issues by tuning database parameters. We also managed to stumble on a 10-year-old deadlock bug in MySQL 5.6. Rather than continuing to explore risky database-level changes, we turned our attention to the application.

  • Adventures with Aurora (Part 1)

    I have been battling with an Aurora MySQL database at work for the past few months. As a result, I learned a lot about the internals of MySQL and how to debug database-related issues. In this three-part series, I wanted to share some of the challenges that we encountered and how we solved them.

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